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The books and cassettes of "Teach Any Child or Adult to Read"  programmeThe multi-dimensional Readucate approach to teaching any literate people how to teach children and adults language/communication/reading/life skills, has a universal application because the dimensions are:

Multi-inter-sensory: Readucate Instructors learn how to integrate all senses continually so that all learning styles are catered for and maximum results obtained.

Multi-generational: The Readucate principles are the same, regardless of the ages of the learners, although obviously they are taught how to change their approach according to the ages of their classes.

Multi-skill: The Rebecca Ostrowiak Reading Animal has six legs. The body is "attitude" which governs all aspects of learning, both in the teacher and in the learner, the school, the family and the community. Attitude change is consolidated through the integration of famous author John Kehoe's Mind Power principles. This is ongoing right through life as learners develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

The six "legs" are:

  1. The alphabet, letter names, sounds and formation which are learnt simultaneously and painlessly. This leads to a systematic approach to phonics, look-learn-say and whole language to which all mentalities, races and ages have responded successfully for over half a century.

  2. Spelling which is based on a thorough understanding of the differentiation between letter names, sounds and symbols A good understanding of spelling rules leads to fearless decoding, the development of cognitive skills, independent reading in any context as well as readable written work.

  3. Comprehension: Once reading has been decoded, it is absolutely essential to be able to understand, not only the written word, but those that have not been written. Readucate's unique approach to the development of critical thinking skills in an age when the world is overwhelmed with media messages, biased newspaper reporting, immoral TV shows and movies, gives Readucate Instructors and their learners the rare gift of have the courage to think for themselves in seeking the truth.

  4. Writing and communication: Once reading material has been decoded and understood, it is essential for the learner to be able to write in good handwriting, or type onto a computer, clearly understood well thought out logical language of what has been read.

  5. Memory training: Sequencing is essential in preventing problems in potential learning disabled children. The unique Readucate approach to memory training develops self-confidence, self-competition, motivation, and, of course, an excellent memory.

  6. Study skills: Readucate Instructors learn how to teach examination technique, summarizing, note taking, schedules, essay planning and time management to ensure that academic performance gives joy to teachers and learners alike.

Multi-emotional: With suicide, drug and alchohol addiction on the rise, Readucate counteracts this growing trend by helping Readucate Instructors and their learners to develop self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence and a love of their peers and community.

Tel: South Africa (+27) 083 629 8776