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Readucate Centres

Readucate teacher teaching her class in her garage in Pietersburg, South AfricaAs soon as the initial intensive 8-day Teacher Development Course is finished, Readucate Instructors have the licence to open their own Readucate Centre as a small business. They teach in their garages, their lounges and sometimes classrooms at school after hours. Children in need of remediation and adults longing for literacy upliftment attend these Readucate Centres which are scattered all over many rural areas in South Africa.

Readucate Instructors keep their own jobs and the salaries they earn in their regular positions. However, they remit 10% of their gross Readucate Centre as a small licence fee and to help regenerate Trust funds. Sadly, some areas are so poverty stricken that the Readucate Instructors sometimes provide food from their own pockets for hungry children and adults. Thus they cannot remit their licence fee as they have no financial income.

However, to develop a sense of responsibility they insist that young and old learners who cannot pay must "pay" by attending classes regularly and punctually and to do homework. It is vital that the bad habit of expecting everything for nothing that grew during the "struggle" years against apartheid should be eliminated. This way it is.

Some Readucate Instructors are Readucating their learners at school during school hours and their illiterate parents after hours. Thus the whole community is served on an ongoing basis.

Obviously prisoners cannot run Readucate Centres while still in prison. However, released prisoners find that running their own Readucate Centres consolidates on their rehabilitation process that began when they first became Readucate Instructors while still in prison. Again, they find it hard to establish themselves in a viable way so please help us to help them by subsidising their earning while they are trying to build up successful Readucate Centres.

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Tel: South Africa (+27) 083 629 8776