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The Readucate Trust

The Readucate Prison PorjectThe Readucate Trust is a black empowered educational and literacy NGO.
It was registered with the Master of the Supreme Court, Pretoria, South Africa, in November 1991.
The Trust was originally called The Marion Welchman Dyslexia, Literacy and Educational Upliftment Trust as Marion Welchman MBE, a cofounder of the British Dyslexia Association, had suggested the formation of the Trust.

The work of the Trust is based on over seventy years' experience in teaching children and adults of all races and mentalities reading and Education Pioneer Rebecca Ostrowiak's multidimensional approach to language/communication/reading/life skills.

Readucate's mission is to fight crime through upgrading literacy amongst disadvantaged people.
"Disadvantaged" has two connotations: adults with little or no schooling and children who are reading below grade level at school.

This is achieved by training any literate people to become Readucate Instructors either in the Readucate Teacher Development Programmes or in the Readucate Prisoner Rehabilitation Programmes.

Tel: South Africa
083 629 8776