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Readucate - with an eye on the futureAny person who has a fair command of English speaking, reading and writing and who is passionate about reading, may become a Readucate Instructor.

Out of prison the initial intensive course runs for 8 full consecutive days. In prison the same course is offered, but takes 10 days because of early lock-up time. If non-prisoners wish to join a prison class the Department of Correctional Services allows them to participant, but it must be for the ten days.

Teachers usually vie for a place in the course while prisoners volunteer.

During the initial intensive course prospective Readucate Instructors write five tests in which the pass mark for the first two is 90% and 70% for the last three.

Immediately after conclusion of the initial course, Instructors commence implementing in their classes at schools and in prisons and distance education begins. After three months the first refresher course is held. At the end of two days Readucate Instructors receive a Preliminary Readucate Instructor Certificate provided they have submitted learners' marked tests, tape recordings of lessons and the beginning of a portfolio. Attendance at the refresher course is compulsory.

Distance education continues until Readucate Instructors have completed teaching the full course to the Trust's satisfaction. They are then invited to write the final Readucator examination. This is moderated by Professor Dr. Brenda Spencer, Senior Lecturer, English Department, UNISA. Again 70% is the pass mark is both the practical and theoretical examinations.

With some further training, Readucators may run Readucate Instructor Courses under the supervision of Headquarters. Thus the system is sustainable while striving continually for excellence.

Please help us train prisoners, teachers, unemployed adults and matriculants by sending us a donation. Readucate Trust Account 025777599, Standard Bank, Germiston Branch 011642.

In South Africa the Trust is registered with the Receiver of Revenue as a Section 18a organisation.

Tel: South Africa (+27) 083 629 8776