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Readucate Prison Project

Since the first Readucate course was held in Durban in December 1992, over 1000 teachers, literate prisoners and others have become READUCATE Instructors. Many of them are running their own READUCATE CENTRES as small businesses.

Presently we also operate in 23 prisons in five provinces in South Africa. Prison authorities and literate prisoners learn how to teach illiterate juvenile and adult inmates the multidimensional Readucate approach to language/communication/reading/life skills: our contribution to the fight against crime.

Officers and prisoners in the Krugersdorp and Boksburg prison have received training and are applying the READUCATE method to juvenile and adult inmates.
(READUCATE feels gratified to be playing a role, however small, in the reduction of crime in South Africa.)

"Prisoners are begging for more Readucate courses because they see how Readucate changes lives," said Marion Johnson, Principal Educationist and Head of ABET at Pretoria Central Prison.

I've learnt to be more patient since taking the Readucate course," said Prisoner William

In recognition of Readucate's efforts in "making South Africa a safer place", Edna Freinkel was awarded the NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders) annual community safety award in February 2003.

As the Trust depends entirely on grants and donations, courses have only been conducted when funding has become available.

Readucate Centres

97 remedial teachers in the Northern Province completed the READUCATE course. Many of these Instructors have not only introduced the READUCATE approach in their classes but are also running their own private READUCATE Centres as small viable businesses in various townships in and around Pietersburg and Tzaneen. Several centres cater for adults as well.

Readucate Instructors

Since April 1995, 189 school teachers have become READUCATE Instructors in the Kimberley, Upington and De Aar districts. At the average number of 40 learners per class, thousands of learners are already benefiting.
The Kimberley Teachers Training College has introduced READUCATE as a compulsory subject throughout the college. In this way, prevention of reading and learning problems will hopefully become a reality within the next decade.

One of the first teachers to become a READUCATE Instructor is running the highly successful UVONGO ROTARY READUCATE CENTRE, where formerly illiterate adults are progressing well.


  • 2008: Award for excellence in teaching from the Department of Correctional Services
  • 2008: Ekurhuleni Mayoral Achievement Award for Contribution to Cognitive Development Skills
  • 2007: CEO Magazine Influential Women Lifetime Achiever Award and winner in the Welfare and Community Services Section
  • 2004: Counsellor of the Order of the Baobab, awarded by President Thabo Mbeki for lifelong dedication to upgrading learning in South Africa
  • 2003: NICRO Prisoner Regeneration Award for contributing to a safer South Africa
  • 2002: Finalist in Mail and Guardian “Investing in the Future”
  • 2002: Paul Harris Award presented to Edna Freinkel by Edenvale Rotary Club
  • 1998: Northern Cape Arts& Culture Medal in category “Literature and Libraries”

Tel: South Africa
083 629 8776