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Your donation will be a blessing to you and to others in the following ways:


  • People who can read can contribute proudly towards their family's well-being and their country's development
  • Adults with reading problems are less likely to get gainful employment in this technological age, the tendency towards crime is greater
  • Children who drop out of school because they cannot cope are more likely to drift towards criminal activities
  • Statistics show that the chance of prisoners returning to crime is greatly reduced if they leave prison fully literate
  • The battle is on for men's minds: therefore it is vital that children and adults have the self confidence to think critically and courageously


  • Research in the United Kingdom found that the cost to industry is staggeringly high when employees cannot read and write adequately
  • Computers demand at least a 28% improved reading rate


  • Preschool children have a head start that never leaves them
  • Parents do not have to spend hard earned money on remedial lessons
  • Teachers enjoy teaching when they know HOW to teach happily, confidently and productively making every lesson a reading lesson
  • Children enjoy school instead of dropping out
  • Prisoners discover acceptable ways of behaving

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Tel: South Africa (+27) 083 629 8776