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South African Board

Consultant: Dr Marie Heese recently retired Head, Teaching Bureau, University of South Africa. Author of over a dozen books on reading.

  • Moderator: Professor Dr. Brenda Spencer: Senior Lecturer, English Department; University of South Africa
  • Mrs. Edna Freinkel: Associate Member International Academy for Research into Learning Disabilities
  • Mrs. Kedibone Sesenyamotse: formerly Head of English, Northern Cape Education Department; recently appointed Director, George Region, Western Cape Education Department
  • Mrs. Henrietta Potgieter
  • Mr. Paul Kirchmann
  • Mrs. Cathey Serokolo: Remedial Teacher; Readucator; Readucate Limpopo Province Co-ordinator
  • Mrs. Tiny Lebepe: Readucator; Senior English Teacher, Unity College for Special Education
  • Dr. Izelda Pelser: Educational Psychologist
  • Bets Theron: Readucator
  • Beauty Kgatla: Remedial Teacher; Readucator
  • Shirley de Jager: Remedial Teacher; Readucator

International Board

  • Mrs. Toby Milner: Founder Lillydale Literacy Project Inc USA
  • Professor Tim Miles (retired): University of Bangor, Wales, Founder & First Editor of "Dyslexia International" published by the British Dyslexia Association
  • Dr. Steve Chinn: Principal & Founder, Mark College
Tel: South Africa
083 629 8776